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Product Description

  • For the treatment of infertility of ovarian origin and improvement of pregnancy rate in cows.
  • For the synchronisation of oestrus in dairy cows and for reducing the calving to conception interval in these cows when used in conjunction with a PGF 2α analogue with luteolytic activity as part of a 10 day fixed time insemination regime. To induce ovulation of a mature follicle and thereby to synchronise ovulation more closely with mating in mares.
  • To induce ovulation in pigs (gilts) after oestrus synchronisation in order to facilitate a single fixed time artificial insemination program.
  • For the improvement of conception rate and induction of ovulation in rabbits.
  • To facilitate stripping and reduce mortality due to egg binding in rainbow trout.


Dosage & Administration

In cattle, horses and rabbits, the preferred route of administration is intramuscular injection (i.m.), but it may also be injected intravenously (i.v.) or subcutaneously (s.c.).

In pigs, the preferred route of administration is intramuscularly (i.m.), but it may also be injected intravenously (i.v.).

Cattle: For the treatment of cows with fertility disorders of ovarian origin.

Follicular cysts - with or without symptoms of nymphomania - 5.0 ml. In the treatment of follicular cysts in cattle, it is unnecessary to manually express the cysts. A corpus luteum will usually be clearly detectable on either the affected or the normal ovary within about 8 days after administration. At the same time luteinisation and disappearance of the cysts may occur. The response to treatment should be checked after 10-14 days. If no corpus luteum is present, or if newly formed cysts are detected, treatment should be repeated. Artificial insemination or service may take place during the first oestrus after treatment. On average this occurs 20 days after injection.

Acyclia (true anoestrus) - 5.0 ml

To determine that the cow is truly acyclic, two rectal examinations should be carried out with an 11 day interval between examinations. Alternatively, two samples of milk should be taken for milk progesterone assay with an 11 day interval between samples. Oestrus should occur 8-22 days after treatment. If oestrus has not been observed by this stage, a further rectal examination should be carried out. If there are no palpable structures on the ovaries, then treatment should be repeated. If, however, a corpus luteum is palpated, then prostaglandin F2α or one of its analogues should be administered, thus allowing the animal to return to oestrus 2-3 days later.

Delayed ovulation - 2.5 ml.

This condition may be treated at the time of artificial insemination or service, or up to 6-8 hours beforehand. Ovulation is usually induced within 24 hours of treatment.

Improvement of pregnancy rate of cows - 2.5ml The product should be injected at the time of or up to 8 hours before hand. This helps to ensure that ovulation occurs at the correct time after insemination. Improvement of pregnancy rate may also be achieved by a single injection on day 11 or 12 after insemination by helping to prevent luteolysis and consequent embryo mortality.

Note: The induction of ovulation is not possible in the presence of a functional corpus luteum.

Cattle: For the synchronisation of oestrus in dairy cows. The product can be used as part of a 10-day GnRH/prostaglandin/GnRH oestrus synchronisation and insemination regime to increase submission rates and significantly reduce the calving to conception interval. The use of the product 7 days prior to prostaglandin increases the proportion of cows able to respond to the prostaglandin and co-ordinates a new follicular wave so more cows will ovulate during a shorter time after prostaglandin. A second Receptal treatment after the prostaglandin further tightens synchrony of ovulation in relation to the service time. The Intervet GnRH/prostaglandin/GnRH regime (Intercept™) for breeding dairy cows at a pre-planned time without the need for specific heat detection is summarised below:

Day 0

Receptal (2.5 ml)

Day 7

Prostaglandin (at luteolytic dose)

Day 9

Receptal (2.5 ml) 54-56 hours post prostaglandin or at AI if sooner

Day 10

AI 72 hours post prostaglandin or at observed heat if sooner.

When using the Intercept fixed time insemination regime, it is recommended that cows showing signs of oestrus after prostaglandin treatment should be inseminated when observed in oestrus rather than completing the synchronisation programme.

Trials have shown that for cows holding to their first service, use of a GnRH/prostaglandin/GnRH regime can improve the calving to conception interval by 11 days when compared to controls. When including all services, the calving to conception interval was shown to be improved by 7 days.

Horses: For the treatment of mares.

To induce ovulation of a mature follicle and thereby to synchronise ovulation more closely with mating - 10ml.

The product should be administered on the first day on which the follicle has reached its maximum size, this being determined by previous clinical history and rectal examinations. The product is best given approximately 6 hours prior to service. This may be achieved by administering in the morning with service in the afternoon of the same day or alternatively, with the injection given in the early afternoon and service in the evening. The mare should be served again the next morning if she is still in oestrus. If ovulation has not occurred within 24 hours after treatment, then the injection should be repeated.

Pigs (gilts): Induction of ovulation after oestrus synchronisation in order to facilitate a single fixed time artificial insemination programme:10 μg(2.5 ml)/animal. Fixed time insemination should be carried out as follows:

-Administration of Receptal 115-120 hours after the end of synchronisation treatment with a progestin.

-A single artificial insemination 30-33 hours after Receptal administration.

Rabbits: Induction of ovulation for post-partum insemination - 0.2 ml.

Administer 0.2 ml subcutaneously, 24 hours after parturition. Insemination should be carried out directly after administration.

Improvement of conception rate - 0.2 ml.

Inject 0.2ml at the time of insemination or mating.

Rainbow trout: To facilitate stripping in male and female fish in spawning condition, and to reduce mortality due to egg binding.

Inject at a dose rate of 0.75-1.0 ml per kg body weight (3?4 micrograms Buserelin/kg body weight) by intramuscular injection, 2 cm above the lateral line posterior to the dorsal fin. Stripping should be performed 2-3 days after treatment.



Meat: cattle, horses, pigs and rabbit – zero days.

Milk: cattle – zero hours.

Not to be used in trout intended for human consumption.

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